Vest provides impartial stock price signals and due–diligence tools. We help you actively manage your own investment portfolio and achieve higher returns than "set and forget" index funds.

What's happening with Vest?

We are excited to announce that we will be upgrading our product and releasing a new platform to enhance your experience with us. To ensure a smooth transition and allow our team to focus on this exciting next step, we have temporarily paused access to our legacy platform.

Vest started as a vision shared by four colleagues with the goal of improving financial literacy and understanding for ANY person who is wanting to learn the stock market. Our initial product offering successfully proved demand for Vest and we cannot wait to share the next iteration of Vest with you.

This temporary pause in our service will allow us to work away in the background to ensure that we can provide you with Vest for the long term.

Kate, Logan, Drian, and Jason from Vest